Hakurei turnips

Other names: Tokyo turnip, salad turnip

Family: Brassica

About: If you think you don’t like turnips, you’ve never tasted Hakurei turnips. Their roots -- little glowing white orbs -- have a crisp, juicy texture and a mellow, sweet flavor; their greens taste tender, and mild. They’re so good that -- unlike other turnip varieties -- they can (and should) be eaten raw. Cooking will bring out their natural sweetness, but be sure you don’t overcook them to preserve their crisp texture.

Season: Spring, early summer, fall

Storage: Unwashed in a bag in the crisper.

Cleaning: Wash roots and rub gently with a clean scrub pad; there's no need to peel these thin-skinned babies. Wash leaves by submerging them in water (several times since they can be quite sandy), draining, and drying on towels or in the salad spinner.

Nutrition: The bulbs are good for you, but the leaves are where it's at nutritionally speaking, so be sure to eat them, too.

Preparations: Just roots: roasted, glazed, braised, pureed, grilled. Roots and leaves: steamed, sauteéed, braised.

Preservation: Pickles, confit.


Creamy spelt with Hakurei turnips and miso butter

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