About Green Gourmette

After toiling away as an environmental health scientist, I set aside the statistics, grabbed my chef's knife and garden trowel, and farmed and cooked my way through France -- where I had family -- and Spain -- where my heart lay. After getting kicked into the culinary deep end in those kitchens, I finally started to learn how to cook. (And after getting berated by those chefs for my many missteps, I finally learned French and Spanish.) Once my visa expired, I headed to New York City to study at the International Culinary Center and cook in the kitchens of Blue Hill and Gramercy Tavern. 


There's nothing I love more than growing, cooking, and sharing food. I joined a CSA after moving to the city to connect with local food communities and find inspiration for creating tasty, seasonal meals (on or off the line, with or without my own patch of soil). 

Thinking beyond my own tiny kitchen, I'm interested in joining the conversation about access to healthy food, and pitching in with efforts to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable food system. I'm still deeply committed to environmental health and justice, only working now with more words than numbers, helping scientists and advocates share their stories. When I'm not tinkering about in the kitchen, I'm writing about food, heath, and the environment.

Why Green Gourmette?


One day I was leafing through some of my grandmother's old cookbooks and came across one she edited called "Gardening Gourmets" -- a collection of recipes put together by her garden club in Monahans, Texas, to raise money for community service. Since I no longer have my hands in the soil here in the city, I swapped 'Green' for 'Garden.' I changed 'Gourmet' to 'Gourmette" as a nod to "Le Circle des Gourmettes," a group founded in 1929 in Paris for women devoted to food. They used the term "Gourmette" as a bon mot (witty remark) in response to the masculine-only form of the French word 'gourmet,' and as a way of showing, in the words of group member Julia Child, "that women knew something about food, too."